Nappy Sunrae Crown

Hey! Have you ever wondered something about your self. Well, Sunrae did. After finding out something about her heritage it helped to boost her self esteem.

The character in the book is about an eight year old African American girl. It appears that her natural coarse hair is unacceptable. After reading books on African American Heritage at the library, she gets a better understanding of the texture of her hair. She comes to accept her self and her hair. Upon revelation, Sunrae says “Know matter what everyone else does, the sun wins, when my hair snaps, crackles and pops into nappy curls again.”

This book can be enjoyed by all ages. But if you really need a specfic age, well, 5-12 year olds will like it. You can purchase it by clicking on the paypal button below!

 Nappy Sunrae Crown Book

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