Micah’s Affirmations


Micah’s Little Book of Affirmations for Children


Well, my friend Sunrae & I found out from our Sunday School teacher that an affirmation is a set of positive words that may be used to help us with our spiritual growth, learn to respect ourselves, family, friends; and nature.

Oh yeah!

 In my book ther are some surprises too. I give some fun advice on what to do on an OOWEE GOOWEE day.


This book will help children ages 5-12 of all faiths learn to focus on positive words to asssist them with character building, deal with life challenges at home, school and the community. They will learn what an affirmation is and write one themselves. This book will also help build their self esteem by sparking an interest in knowing what their name means.  In the book you will find out what Micah name means.

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