Current Workshops:

Release, Relax, Let’s Play

This workshop is for adults 18/up.

Here is an opportunity to learn stress management techniques with the key component is PLAY. The workshop will teach you breathing techniques, identify negative and positive stressors and assit you in developing on going stress relief activities; i.e., dance, board games, creative crafts, old school games, relaxation exercises. So get ready to reach back to a time where life was spontaneous and NO WORRIES!!! 

This workshop is open to school/community organizations, senior citizens centers, corporations, church groups and PTAS.

Contact Serenity Healing Arts Center at:


Sunrae and Friends


This section is for children or any adult that has children in their lives ages 5-12.

Come and experience sharing, having fun and learning by being a member of  the Sunrae & friends Fan Club. As a member you get a membership card, special gift and discounts on Sunrae & Friends merchandise; like t-shirts, pillows, drink holders and hair accessories and more. 

You MUST be ages 5-12 to join.

There’s even a once a year “Members Only Party” with a purpose.So come and join 50 other kids in the club.

Don’t forget to visit the blog so you can follow the adventures of Sunrae and her friends. There are fun crafts, food even you can make, contest and educational information. Type in to be apart of the FUN!.

Facebook SUNRAE 

To have fun with Sunrae & friends online visit:

To join or sign a special child up contact

Sunrae & friends c/o Ms. Mona L. Scott at:

or write Sunrae & friends c/o Mona L. Scott at

2732 Riggs Dr. East Point, GA 30344


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