It’s never too late to BECOME what you MIGHT have been.

 -author unknown- 

(if anyone knows who made this startment please send it to me)



by Mona L. Scott

Do you want to do something different, special, out of the ordinary?

You have an idea, but are not clear on how to start?

Well, here are eleven steps to begin the process. Don’t be surprised if you are lead in a different direction. Sometimes this happens because you have opened the way towards other things you desire to do too.

1-Brain storm all the things you’ve always wanted to do. 

2-Pay attention to patterns, usually this is the one place to start. 

3-Next set the goal from the one thing that kept repeating it self. 

4-Write out short term and long term goals 

5-Share it with others 

6-Gater materials you may need to make the goal a reality. 

7-Create a visual board, book, cards or a model of what it looks like. 

8-Go places where you can see, feel taste touch or hear what the goals is before it becomes a reality for you. 

For example: a new piece off furniture-go to furniture store and sit, touch and move the furniture around. Or if you want a new outfit, go to the store often and keep trying it on. Make it yours before you are able to take it home, use it or visit. 

9-Now you’ve set the stage for achieving the goal. 

10- Do it and give thanks for the process. 


Originally published in  Camp Girl Friends “Sister Notes” newsletter Spring 2009.


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